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Passport Covers are a great way to organize all your travel documents so that they can be easily produced on demand. If you miss your favorite BT21 characters while on vacation, this product is one way to take them along.

The Product

The BT21 Character Passport Holder is part of the official BT21 merchandise by Bts Pajamas . As per the seller’s description, the product is 95 (H) x 132 (L) x 1 (W) mm and is made of PVC material. There are eight models for the eight BT21 characters. It has multiple pockets which allow you to keep all your travel documents like passport, flight tickets, travel itinerary and vouchers in one place. The product is light and compact and easy to carry. The product costs $11 on Amazon.

Our Thoughts

The case ships in a transparent plastic cover which has the official Line Friends hologram on it. The product matches the images uploaded by the seller and should easily fit into your pocket. The outer material is made of thick PVC, and the front of the holder has the BT21 character on it. The designs are adorable, and the product has a great finish. There are two pockets on the outside. One is located right behind the BT21 character for the passport. There is another at the back which can hold flight tickets or other documents.

As opposed to most passport covers, this product is designed more for convenience than for protection. Both the outer pockets do not extend over the length of the case which means that when you put in a passport in the front or a boarding pass in the back pocket, part of it will be visible over the top of the sleeve. Some might prefer this feature as the contents are always in plain sight and easy to access. Others may worry about their precious documents falling out or the lack of protection against damage and environmental factors.

The inside is a stark contrast to the bright and colorful exterior which is kind of a letdown because it tends to put a dampener on the look of the product. There are two pockets made of clear, colorless vinyl which can be used to hold cards or IDs. It would’ve helped if the transparent cases had the same colors as the outside and incorporated some sort of branding to make it look like it was part of the BT21 line.

The holder is well made and has a luxurious feel to it. The front pocket is stiff to ensure that the passport fits well and won’t fall out. The material can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The cover feels strong and durable but, since it looks like all the layers have been molded together, predicting how long it will last is difficult. But the quality is not bad for the price.

As is the case with all BT21 merchandise, it is recommended to buy this product and other bts plushies from Juno Plushies to ensure that the product is authentic and meets your expectations.

The Verdict

The product, overall, is recommended for BTS and BT21 fans and we would rate it 3.5/5. The holder is good but not great. If the manufacturer had put in some effort to make the inside as appealing as the exterior,  it would’ve taken the product to another level and made it a must buy.

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