The Drawstring Bag with a Difference

If you pack light, drawstring bags are a great alternative to conventional backpacks. Simple, compact, light and flexible, they can fit into the tightest of spaces. With these bags, you’ll never be short of choices as they are made from a wide variety of fabrics and come in many different sizes. They are also very easy to brand which is why manufacturers of K-pop merchandise have customized these for fans who want to show their love for their favorite bands.

About the Product

The Kpop BTS Drawstring Bag by retails for $10 on Amazon. The bag is made of thick canvas material, its dimensions are approximately 35 cm x 42 cm, and it weighs about 150 grams. It has a small zipped pouch on the inside. This unisex bag is recommended by the seller for hiking, climbing and the gym among other things.

What We Think

The bag arrives in a transparent plastic cover and is a classic black and white combination. The black canvas with the white print and black braided drawstrings keep it simple. The drawstrings are looped through straps located at the bottom of the bag on each side. The bag has the BTS open doors logo and the band name printed on it. The quality is good for the price, and the material is, unexpectedly, thick. The product feels like it is built to last. The bag is decently sized and fairly spacious although we wouldn’t recommend loading it with too many heavy things. It can hold a laptop but, since the product is not padded, use a protective sleeve to avoid damage and discomfort while wearing it on the back. The bag is light and can be carried to school, college, work, and, even, when you’re out doing chores or shopping for a few items. This gender-neutral product is ideal for all BTS fans.

The bag is lined on the inside and the small pouch within is a nice little addition which sets it apart from other drawstring bags. The pouch is made of synthetic material and not canvas. It is handy for easy access to small items like change, cards or keys. It is not clear whether the bag is waterproof although the inner pouch looks like might be. It is hard to say whether the colors and print will hold up after wash. Considering this, it might be a good idea to hand wash the product separately in cold water and air dry afterward.

The knots on the drawstrings tend to unravel frequently and retying them can be an inconvenience. This could’ve been avoided if the manufacturer had added some fasteners or stoppers for them. Some customers have reported uneven prints with dots and random markings. In one case, the design was off-center. Another said that the straps that hold the drawstrings broke after less than a week’s use.

Final Thoughts

For those who are part of the BTS ARMY, this piece will make a nice addition to your collection. If you’re looking for durability and value for money in a product, at $10, this one fits the bill. st Table 1

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